In anticipation of the Fall 2021 semester, Canada Campus Visits (CCV) is preparing to add Virtual Visits to our website. Over the coming months we will interview leadership at top Colleges & Universities across Canada to highlight unique on/off campus features that make it appealing for international students to study at your institution. We will then use these videos to promote campuses in handpicked strategic markets all over the world. If travel restrictions are keeping students from visiting you, we’ll help you visit them!

Advantages of Working with Canada Campus Visits

  • Our standard interview questions allow students to compare different institutions (Ex: Name 2-3 reasons why international students should consider studying here; Can you talk about clubs/associations that international students can benefit from; etc.)
  • We work with institutions of all sizes so students can discover smaller campuses as easily as larger ones
  • Student queries will be sent directly to you or an email address of your choosing
  • We can feature your existing digital content on our website to provide more information to prospective students
  • Our increased website traffic during the pandemic along with 62,000+ social media followers would make your institution more visible around the world
  • Interviews can be embedded on your website or used in your marketing campaigns

As COVID-19 limits overseas students to physically tour your institution, virtual access to your campus is more important than ever. If you are interested in being featured on our website, please contact us below.