Take part in a safe and fun tour of 10 of Ontario’s premier colleges and universities while completing informative classes along the way. Our new on-campus classes each last for one week and allow you to sample what it’s like to study in the Canadian higher education system. During your stay, you will receive advice directly from admission officers, current students, and Canada Campus Visits counselors. In addition to the campus visit, our counselors will also escort students on fields trips to locations such as the CN Tower, Niagara Falls and a sporting event.

  •        Tour Length: Three weeks (21 days, 20 nights)
  •        Next tour: July 5 – 25, 2020 (Dates subject to change)
  •        What’s Included: All campus visits plus two on-campus certificate courses, sightseeing activities, meals, transportation between tour stops, and health coverage. (See Terms & Conditions for details)

Tour Itinerary*

  • Day 1: Orientation and travel to first campus visit
  • Days 2 – 6: English for Academic Purposes certificate course
  • Days 7 – 8: Sightseeing activities
  • Days 9 – 13: Visits to eight college and university campuses across Ontario
  • Days 14 – 15: Sightseeing activities
  • Days 16 – 21: Second on-campus certificate course

*Tour details to be finalized in the coming weeks.

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