Authorized representatives, including agents and counselors, promoting Canada Campus Visits (CCV) services hereby agree to the following:

  • CCV agrees to provide the services explicitly defined on our website with all tour packages: Sightseeing activities, meals, transportation between tour stops and health coverage. Accommodations and transportation to and from the airport in Canada may be offered depending on the tour package selected. Additional services offered by representatives are not guaranteed or the responsibility of CCV.
  • Representatives must promote CCV services using official promotional material (online flyers, brochures, etc.) created by CCV. Representatives must submit their own logo for inclusion in CCV promotional materials.
  • Representatives agree to and accept a share of the VIP package with CCV. Taxes and Eventbrite fees excluded, representatives will get $1500 CAD of each $3500 CAD VIP package they are responsible for selling. CCV will retain the remaining amount. Documentation of the students each representative has registered for the tour must be provided to CCV prior to the beginning of the tour before funds are transferred.