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Canada Campus Visits (CCV) aims to bring international students visiting Canada, typically aged 15-25 who are considering studying overseas, to your campus on customized student tours.

CCV is the ideal platform to showcase your institution by providing a tour of residences, classrooms, athletic facilities, libraries and much more. You can use the visit to provide pertinent information to students, share your study programs and services as well as introduce visitors first-hand to student life, social and cultural experiences. This face-to-face approach establishes a personal connection to on and off campus highlights. Our team will work with you to plan an itinerary specific to your institution.

In addition, CCV will leverage its internal capacities and networks, including website and social media, to promote your campus. This creates a ‘virtual’ global reach to thousands of students who are exploring study abroad options and encourages them to not only choose Canada but choose your specific institution to study.

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We look forward to working with you to augment your international student recruitment and enrollment!

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