Cost of Studying at a University in Canada

Source: Times Higher Education

Between tuition, accommodations and a social life, the costs associated with living and studying abroad. When you choose to study in Canada, these costs can differ depending on the province you decide to live in, your country of origin and the type of degree you want to pursue.

Time Higher Education has put together a thorough guide explaining the different costs you will need to prepare for as an international student in Canada. While scholarships and post-secondary discounts are available, students need to know they can meet their new financial requirements before they commit to studying abroad.

Immigrants Behind Canada’s Status as One of the Best Educated Countries

Source: Toronto Star

Canada has an international reputation as being a culturally diverse nation made up of people from around the world. According to the Organization for Economic Co-Operation & Development (OECD), Canada was also one of the two most educated nations in the world in 2016 and more than 60% of Canadians had completed their post-secondary education.

New data suggests that newcomers to Canada are in fact a large part of why the country is so well educated. Observing students with immigrant and Canadian-born parents, 36% of the former earned university degrees compared to 24% in the latter group.

While much can be gleaned from this information, one thing is almost certain for first-generation Canadian students. The countless times your family told you to study harder weren’t without reason.

Fun Facts About Canada

Source: Canadian Living, Historica Canada

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world. This beautiful region is full of mountains, forests and world-class cities. Before you decide to study in Canada though, there are certain things you need to know. While you will need to know about tuition fees and work permits, here are some facts that are much less serious but equally important.

The population of Canada is 35.1 million people, ranking the nation as the 38th most populated in the world. The country has two official languages: English and French. However New Brunswick is the only one of the ten provinces and three territories is officially bilingual. Canada is known for being a culturally diverse society but statistically, Vancouver and Toronto are said to be the most multicultural.

The name of the country originates from the Iroquois word “Kanata”, meaning settlement or village. Jacques Cartier mistakenly used the word to describe the entire region and “Canada” was born. In 1867, John A. Macdonald became the first Prime Minister of Canada and ‘O, Canada” officially became the national anthem in 1980, although it was actually written 100 years prior.

Canada has three coasts as it borders the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans. This does not mean that the national animal is a fish though. The beaver is seen as the official mascot of Canada, although moose, bears and the Canada goose are also very popular.

Sports are a large part of Canadian culture. In fact, the country recognizes more than one national sport. Lacrosse is Canada’s national summer sport while hockey is the official sport Canadian winters.

Canadians are known for their colourful currency but Canadian money also highlights important Canadians from history. Civil rights activist Viola Desmond and Queen Elizabeth II can be found on Canadian bills along with former Prime Ministers Wilfrid Laurier, Robert Borden and William Lyon Mackenzie King.

Want A Scholarship to Fund Your Studies in Canada?

Source: Study International

So you want to study in Canada but you’ve heard that studying abroad is expensive. Working a job after coming to Canada is one possibility but another is earning a scholarship.

A recent post by Study International outlines the desire of both the Canadian government and individual institutions to bring more international students to the country, regardless of their budget.

Most scholarships have different requirements, with some asking for more from applicants than others. Academic history, extracurricular activities and volunteer experience may all be a necessary part of applying for a scholarship. Students should search for a variety of scholarships and be aware of the requirements before applying.



A 2018 study conducted by Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) signifies the quality of Canadian education system as the primary reason for international students to choose Canada. However, selecting the right institution is a complex task and usually filled with apprehension and anxiety. It is at this stage that Canada Campus Visits comes in.

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