About Us

Canada Campus Visits enthusiastically encourages international students who are considering coming to study in Canada to be part of this exciting opportunity. Our participants gain valuable knowledge into looking and finding a post secondary education that will suit your personality and needs.

Our mission is to give our participants the ability to make an educated and knowledgeable choice of where they want to further their education. Our organization is focused on giving participants the opportunity to see and define the qualities they look for in a school, interact with interesting people from all over the world and explore fascinating places.

At Canada Campus Visits, we are experts in providing first-class campus tour experiences. As a result, our tours provide not only a quality learning experience, but also comfortable accommodations, meals and local transportation. Our attention to detail helps participants to focus on the amazing, educational and fun experience of the tours.

Participants will see a wide range of colleges so that by the end of the tour, they will have experienced selectivity and capture a “feel” for the student life in Canada. Along the way, students will receive advice directly from admissions officers, current college students and Canada Campus Visits counselors. And as a deserved break from mapping out futures, participants will also be treated to a variety of engaging activities across Canada’s beautiful landscapes while our counselors maintain a safe and scheduled environment.

The Vision is to strengthen our position as the leading Campus Visits Organization providing quality, fun, competitive and valuable services in Canada.