About Canada Campus Visits

Canada Campus Visits enthusiastically encourages international students who are considering studying in Canada to be part of this exciting opportunity. Our participants gain valuable insight into the Canadian post-secondary education system that will help them better prepare for their futures.

Our mission is to give our participants the ability to make an educated and knowledgeable choice of where they want to further their education. Our organization is focused on giving participants the opportunity to see and define the qualities they look for in a school, interact with fellow learners from all over the world and explore fascinating places.

At Canada Campus Visits, we are experts in providing first-class campus tour experiences. As a result, our tours provide not only a quality learning experience but also comfortable accommodations, meals, and local transportation. Our attention to detail helps participants focus on the amazing, educational and fun experience of each tour.

Participants will be introduced to a wide range of colleges and universities so that by the end of the tour, they will have experienced unique aspects of each institution and gained an understanding of student life in Canada. Along the way, students will receive advice directly from admissions officers, current students, and Canada Campus Visits counselors. And as a deserved break from mapping out futures, participants will also be treated to a variety of engaging activities across Canada’s beautiful landscapes while our counselors maintain a safe and scheduled environment.

Our goal is to strengthen our position as the leading campus visits organizer in Canada while providing a high-quality, fun, experiential service for students who want to pursue higher education in one of the top study abroad destinations the world has to offer.

About Our Team Leaders


After graduating with a BS & MBA from New York, Husain moved to Toronto in 2000 and ever since has been active in the education sector. With many years of experience in the Canadian educational ecosystem, Husain is known for his work on international student enrollment and has received many accolades for promoting international education in the form of partnerships, affiliations, joint ventures and has spoken at many education conferences. Having founded the Canada India Education Council in 2003, he plays a key role in driving the internationalization initiatives of Canadian colleges and universities, including more than 15 years organizing international events.


Diwakar Sharma arrived in Canada as an international student decades ago & has been a pioneer in International Education ever since. With over 15 years of experience in the private & public sectors, he possesses a sound understanding to guide educators, administrators & recruiters in brand building and developing a platform to benefit incoming as well as current international students. Being a published author & sought-after speaker, he has been instrumental in lifting brand Canada by developing and facilitating pathways and partnerships between foreign education providers and Canadian universities & colleges. Diwakar was most recently the Regional Manager, International Recruitment & Partnerships at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario. In addition, Diwakar is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and has been helping students, workers, and prospective immigrants come to Canada.