Source: Canadian Living, Historica Canada

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world. This beautiful region is full of mountains, forests and world-class cities. Before you decide to study in Canada though, there are certain things you need to know. While you will need to know about tuition fees and work permits, here are some facts that are much less serious but equally important.

The population of Canada is 35.1 million people, ranking the nation as the 38th most populated in the world. The country has two official languages: English and French. However New Brunswick is the only one of the ten provinces and three territories is officially bilingual. Canada is known for being a culturally diverse society but statistically, Vancouver and Toronto are said to be the most multicultural.

The name of the country originates from the Iroquois word “Kanata”, meaning settlement or village. Jacques Cartier mistakenly used the word to describe the entire region and “Canada” was born. In 1867, John A. Macdonald became the first Prime Minister of Canada and ‘O, Canada” officially became the national anthem in 1980, although it was actually written 100 years prior.

Canada has three coasts as it borders the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans. This does not mean that the national animal is a fish though. The beaver is seen as the official mascot of Canada, although moose, bears and the Canada goose are also very popular.

Sports are a large part of Canadian culture. In fact, the country recognizes more than one national sport. Lacrosse is Canada’s national summer sport while hockey is the official sport Canadian winters.

Canadians are known for their colourful currency but Canadian money also highlights important Canadians from history. Civil rights activist Viola Desmond and Queen Elizabeth II can be found on Canadian bills along with former Prime Ministers Wilfrid Laurier, Robert Borden and William Lyon Mackenzie King.


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